David Stodghill criminal history - timeline

December, 1991
Stodghill arrested for "concealing the whereabouts of a child." Sentenced to 3 to 15 months in Cumberland County Prison.

March, 1992The decomposing body of 27-year-old William Ainsworth is found in the Michaux State Forest (located partly in Cumberland County). Cause of death is determined to be a head injury consistent with homicide.

Spring, 1995
During a grand jury investigation into the Ainsworth murder, Stodghill and other acquaintances are questioned.

The case is still unsolved. As of 2009, local authorities still consider Stodghill a "person of interest" in the homicide.

May 1995
Stodghill charged with "intimidation of a witness or victim" and "harrassment or stalking."

August, 1995
Stodghill arrested and charged with indecent assault, aggravated indecent assault, and corruption of minors in an incident from that same month. In October he pleads guilty to indecent assault, and on December 27 is sentenced to 5 to 23 months in County Prison.

November, 1995
Stodghill charged with buying or receiving stolen property. In February, 1996, Stodghill pleads guilty while still at Cumberland County Prison, his sentence runs concurrent with incarceration for sexual assault charges. (docket)

April 1996
Stodghill released on parole on the condition that he undergoes counseling.

March 28, 1999
Stodghill molests a 13 year old girl in the front seat of a car in Hampden Township, Pennsylvania. After charges are filed, Stodghill moves to Ocean City, MD before police can arrest him. 5 months later he is extradited back to Cumberland County, PA. However, his 13 year old accuser decides not to testify and the charges are dropped. (post) (In August, 2010, she renews these charges, and Stodghill pleads guilty to this and to a sexual assault on another child.)

November, 2000
Pennsylvania State Police in Newville, Cumberland County, cite Stodghill for driving over the speed limit. Charges are eventually dismissed. They list his residence as Fort Myers, FL. (court docket)

February, 2001
The Lee County, FL Sheriff's office receives an anonymous tip that David Stodghill was taking photos of his minor children and posting them at www.virgins-r-us.com. Per the warrant, "Included in the letter were several pictures of children involved in sexual acts."

In Fort Myers, Federal customs officials and local law enforcement attempted to contact Stodghill for an interview, but soon discovered that he and his family had abruptly fled. Law enforcement were also informed that the Department of Family Services had attempted to do a well-being check on Stodghill and his children in the months prior. (post)

March, 2001
Bench warrant issued for Stodghill in Pennsylvania for violating terms of parole related to his November, 1995 offense. (docket)

Late 2007, early 2008
Stodghill's wife leaves David, taking her and their 2 kids back to Pennsylvania. After a couple months, Stodghill follows, and begins soliciting work as a wedding photographer in the Carlisle area.

March, 2008
Stodghill has a heart attack, sending him to the ICU.
The March 2001 arrest warrant is revoked. (docket)

June 2009
Stodghill makes local news as police and fire officials warn the public that, using the name Randy Thomas, Stodghill is claiming to make a fire safety movie.  Shippensburg's police chief describes Stodghill as a "habitual liar," and the article states that he had been imprisoned 6 times since 1995, including two times on charges of indecent assault.

A 12 year old girl files a police complaint alleging Stodghill sexually assaulted her. Pennsylvania State Police do not formally file charges at the time. Before he can be questioned, Stodghill disappears, apparently moving immediately to Los Angeles.

Fall 2009
Stodghill marries 19 year old Alyssa Aten in Burbank, CA, while still married to his previous wife, and begins using the alias "David Aten."

January and February 2010
Finally locating Stodghill in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania State Police issue a warrant for his arrest. Federal Marshalls and ICE agents raid Stodghill's Cahuenga Blvd. condo on the same day Stodghill and Aten are being evicted, but Stodghill is not home.
Alon Finkelstein and Alyssa Aten assist Stodghill in evading the police, as he spends the weekend in a Pasadena park. The following Monday, February 1st, Marshalls find and engage Stodghill in a foot pursuit and up "treeing him." He drops from the tree, and nearly escapes by hopping on a transit bus. Law enforcement stops the bus with guns drawn and apprehend Stodghill.
Stodghill is incarcerated in Los Angeles until February 22nd being sent, via ground transportation, to Pennsylvania. After the weeklong trip he is jailed at Cumberland County Prison, where he currently remains to await trial.

August 2010
Hearing of the new charges against Stodghill, the victim he sexually assaulted in 1999 renews  her charges against him. The accuser, then 13, is now in her mid-20s.

November 10, 2010
David Stodghill pleads guilty to Aggravated Indecent Assault with a Complainant Less Than 13 Years Old for the 2009 incident, and also pleads guilty to Indecent Assault With A Person Less Than 16 Years Old in the 1999 case. A number of additional charges were dismissed.

Part of the testimony that may have led to the plea came from Alyssa Aten, the Pennsylvania woman Stodghill had married after he'd moved to the Los Angeles area.

According to Penn Live, Stodghill had "told his new wife about the incidents, including showing her an illicit photo of the most recent victim and pornographic videos of other children, according to court documents. Stodghill had not divorced his first wife when he remarried, so prosecutors could use statements from his second wife against him..."

May, 2011
On May 11, Stodghill is sentenced to serve four to eight years in a Pennsylvania State Prison.
Two days later, Stodghill is determined to be a sexually violent predator. The designation means that upon release from prison and for the rest his life, he will have to "register all current and intended addresses, employment/vocation information, and student enrollment information with the Pennsylvania State Police. Sexual offenders and sexually violent predators must also report any changes in residence, employment, or student enrollment information."