Monday, September 7, 2015

Stodghill disputes court claims he's ineligible for parole while sleeping through sex offender treatment sessions

A recently filed court opinion reveals that David Stodghill and the State of Pennsylvania are at odds over his participation in the court ordered Sex Offender Program makes him eligible for parole. 

At issue: Stodghill has only attended 15 of the 120 sessions, and slept through some of these, according to the court. Stodghill argued that mere attendance, not completion, of the program makes him eligible. The court agrees that his minimum sentence term ended in February 2014, but that it believes the intent of the law is that satisfactory completion of the program is required:

Only where the rehabilitative goal of the program has been achieved can there be any hope of preventing future abuse of children, and absent successful participation in the plan of therapy, there can be little prospect of rehabilitation. - HONORABLE BONNIE BRIGANCE LEADBETTER, Judge

Stodghill's maximum sentence ends in early 2018.

Complete document here.

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