Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stodghill eligible for parole in February 2014

According to a reliable source, a parole board is considering this month whether or not David Stodghill could be released from prison as early as February 1st of next year.

There is nothing unusual or unexpected about this, and follows the standard procedure for the State of Pennsylvania's parole process, based on an inmate's "minimum sentence." In Stodghill's case, he was sentenced to four to eight years when he was convicted in May 2011, which began retroactively to the date of his initial arrest and incarceration on February 1, 2010 in Los Angeles.

Our source also told us that Stodghill's victims were asked in the last few months to send letters into the parole board to review while considering releasing him once he's served his minimum sentencing period.

Based on this blogger's previous research on convicted criminals with charges similar to Stodghill's, we believe it is unlikely the parole board will grant release earlier then 2016 (due in part to multiple charges carrying concurrent sentences). However, parole boards can be unpredictable, but we will continue to update this site as results are made public.

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