Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stodghill's online hijinks earn scrutiny of anti-Wikipedians

An online community of Wikipedia critics have recently dug into David Stodghill's long trail of using the online encyclopedia to promote his bogus businesses and then harass and threaten skeptics and critics.

Among the findings at the site Wikipediocracy are at least 12 different accounts they believe Stodghill used to edit pages, include efforts to delete information that points out who he is and his trail of malicious edits.

Wikipediocracy members are using Stodghill as a case example of the flaws of Wikipedia. "A lot of very creepy people edit Wikipedia," member Peter Damian summarizes. It's hard to stop them... Stodghill reinvented himself 18 times. "

"Wikipedia is not a safe place to edit. At least two people who came across Stodghill were threatened with violence. It is particularly unsafe for children. There are strictly two types of people who are interested in children's TV shows/child celebrities, of radically different age groups. They should be kept well apart from each other, in every possible way. How is this allowed to go on? Have any of the steward candidates replied to questions about child protection?"

As we told some of the members, while Stodghill's abuse of Wikipedia may well point out the dangers of the site, compared to other online message boards and comment threads, Wikipedia dealt with Stodghill more swiftly than anyone else. Regardless, if Wikipedia is the safest network online, it proves that even there, a guy like Stodghill can thrive... if only for a short period.

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