Thursday, July 12, 2012


A frequent question asked of this blogger is "why?" Why do I spend the time and effort writing a blog about David Stodghill?

Today's news about convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky points to one answer: because if people did the right thing when they saw an evil and reported it, sociopaths like Sandusky, and Stodghill, would not be able to harm as many children.

In the report that was released this morning, it was found "that top university officials, including former President Graham Spanier and then-head football coach Joe Paterno, concealed child sex abuse by ex-assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and showed a 'total and consistent disregard' for his victims. The concealment was meant to 'avoid the consequences of bad publicity.'"

Over the years, numerous people looked the other way knowing Stodghill was molesting children, seeking, possessing, and creating child porn, stalking children, and running assorted cons. Alon Finkelstein, who has been featured here on this blog, is not the first person to have repeatedly looked the other way and done nothing while Stodghill engaged in criminal activity.

This blogger believes that there is complicity in recognizing evil and doing nothing stop it.

Stodghill was fortunately only stopped after one of his victims - barely a teenager - had the courage to stand up and report what had happened. Her courage was contagious, inspiring at least one other past victim to also come forward and press charged. The resulting combined convictions mean that Stodghill will have to register whereever he lives as a violent sexual predator, at the very least making it even more difficult for him to victimize others in the future.

This blogger is aware that Stodghill has even more victims out there who remain afraid to speak out for understandable reasons. However, there are still even more former acquaintainces of his whose cowardice, or outright complicity, are what kept Stodghill in the free world for so long, and whose continued silence will mean Stodghill will be released from prison in a few short years.

I continue to urge anyone aware of Stodghill's past criminal activity to contact Pennsylvania State Police, and/or contact me with information. I can be reached at

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