Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alon Finkelstein's (missing) side of the story

Alon Finkelstein aka Alon Fink aka Noah Fink
This blog will be updating infrequently unless there is news on David Stodghill's release, additional charges filed against him, or if other items of key interest about him come to light.

Recent site updates included cleaning up and making adjustments to the Stodghill criminal timeline, and the addition of a "countdown clock" on the sidebar. The time til Stodghill's release from prison is based entirely on this blog's estimation.

One outstanding item that we don't want to let go is the extent Alon Finkelstein (pictured), aka Noah Fink, played in facilitating Stodghill's crimes.

What we do know is that...
  ...Finkelstein accompanied Stodghill in New York as they followed around child actress Julianna Rose Mauriello. Their behavior resulted in an investigation by NYPD detectives specializing in celebrity stalking cases.

On repeated occasions, this blog sent multiple messages warning Finkelstein about Stodghill's criminal history, noting Stodghill's conviction as a child molestor. Finkelstein's responses were defiant, often calling us an "anon pussy" without acknowledging the charges.

In June, 2009, Finkelsteing was with Stodghill in Shippensburg, PA, attempting to solicit support for a bogus film project that, according to Stodghill himself, would have required auditioning young girls.

That same month, immediately after Stodghill molested a 12-year-old girl and took naked photos of her at a Shippensburg rooming house, he and Finkelstein drove out of town before Pennsylvania State Police arrived to question Stodghill. Stodghill and Finkelstein headed for California.

On November 3rd, while living in Hollywood, CA with Stodghill, Alon posted on his Facebook site "RIP DMS" (Stodghill's initials) and claimed that Stodghill had died of a heart attack. Around this same time, Stodghill had begun using the name "David Aten" after marrying 19 year old Alysa Aten.

In late January 2010, after discovering that Federal Marshalls were after him, David Stodghill had Finkelstein and Aten drive him to a nearby park along with a change of clothes. When initially questioned by law enforcement, both Finkelstein and Aten denied knowing where Stodghill was.

According to a source, after his arrest, Stodghill had a message delivered to Alysa Aten, to be passed on to Alon requesting he help destroy potential evidence.

Finally, shortly after Stodghill was in the custody of law enforcement, this blog once again reached out to Finkelstein via email for his side of the story. He responded by attempting, unsucessfully, to hack into this blog.

We'd still like to hear Alon's side of the story. Among the questions we'd like answered:
  • Why would someone choose to associate with someone like Stodghill, even after being warned?
  • And even if he did not believe the wealth of information about Stodghill, why did he help him on more than one occasion to evade the law?

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