Friday, March 26, 2010

Stodghill's formal arraignment June 10th; could he be released on parole before then?

Criminal dockets posted online list June 10th as the start of David Stodghill's preliminary arraignment for all charges currently pending against him, including aggravated sexual assaults against a minor under the age of 13, harassment, and drug possession.

Of concern is also an application for an "ARD Hearing" on the dockets regarding the child sex offense charges. If granted for an "Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition," Stodghill could be released from prison immediately even without a guilty plea and placed on parole with certain conditions. After the parole terms have been met, Stodghill could then seek to have the charges expunged from his record.

The dockets also list another alias used by Stodghill: David M. Aten.

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