Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stodghill's bail doubled to $50,000

After being arraigned on earlier charges, Stodghill's $25,000 bail for his alleged sexual abuse of a minor was effectively raised to $50,000 at an arraigment on March 1st, per documents posted on the Pennsylvania Courts website.

For a harrassment charge originally filed July 6th, bail was set at $10,000. For charges of marijuana and drug paraphernalia originally filed on June 30th, bail was set for $15,000. Stodghill failed to appear to original court summons for these charges over the summer, after he'd reportedly fled to the Los Angeles area.

Currently being held at Cumberland County Prison, these same documents list March 22nd as a release date, the same day as his preliminary hearing. It is presumed that District Attorney David Freed will ask Stodghill to be detained through further court proceedings due to the weight of the charges and Stodghill's former fugitive status.

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