Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Details from David Stodghill's preliminary hearing

Stodghill's 13 year old accuser testifies, and info about ICE agents needing to stop a bus at gunpoint to make his arrest, among the details from an article in yesterday's Shippensburg Sentinel:
The girl testified at the hearing Monday, prompting Stodghill to look down at his hands several times and shake his head from side to side as she spoke.

She testified that Stodghill “often” did “all kind of weird stuff” to her, including describing oral sex to her and asking her to perform acts. She said she sometimes awoke with “sore” genitals after spending the night at Stodghill’s residence. She said the behavior persisted for about three years, until she “finally got tired of it” and told her mother.
Stodghill also claimed that he did not flee Shippensburg, but simply left for California to take photographs of the Michael Jackson funeral.

Assistant Cumberland County District Attorney Jaime Keating responded by offering details of Stodghill's lengths to elude Federal Marshalls and ICE agents last month in Los Angeles:
Keating said Stodghill changed his appearance while in California and fled his Cahuenga Boulevard condo just prior to the arrival of the ICE agents...

Keating said the agents “treed” Stodghill three days after his initial escape, only to see him jump from the tree, scramble to his feet and flee quickly enough to get aboard a public transportation bus.

He was captured only after agents stopped the bus at gunpoint, Keating said.
While Stodghill's public defender attempted to have a reduction in his $25,000 bail for these charges, after hearing the evidence the judge raised it to $150,000.

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