Tuesday, February 23, 2010

David Stodghill on a road trip to Cumberlink County

Cumberlink reports that David Stodghill's transport from a prison in Los Angeles to Pennsylania may be a long one, without even an estimated time of arrival, as he's being delivered via Prisoner Transport Services, per Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed:

He says the length of the trip is dependent on how many other prisoners must be picked up along the way and where those pickups happen.

The contract extradition service is the most cost effective method for the county to employ, Freed says.

Exclusive details about Stodghill's arrest to come here on this blog.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

David Stodghill now in the hands of Pennsylvania authorities.

According to the Los Angeles County Prison website, Stodghill was transferred out of the LA prison system shortly after midnight this morning and into the custody of the State of Pennsylvania.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Stodghill waives extradition hearing

Dale Heberlig, who has been covering the David Stodghill story for the Sentinel/Cumberlink.com since June, reports that on Friday Stodghill waived his right to an extradition hearing.
Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed says Stodghill must be picked up by Feb. 22 for his return to Pennsylvania.
The LASD Inmate search shows that Stodghill is now being held at the North County Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison located in the north Los Angeles County community of Castaic.

Friday, February 5, 2010

More details on David Stodghill's arrest and life in Los Angeles

Friday's Sentinel Online provides a few amazing new details about David Stodghill's arrest and life in Los Angeles, including a weekend camping out, and a second marriage:
  • Following last Friday night's botched raid, Stodghill spent the weekend hiding out in a Pasadena park. (which is where police were tipped they would find him, which led to a foot chase and arrest sometime Monday or early Tuesday).
  • Stodghill married a woman from Pennsylvania in the Los Angeles area September 2009 - this is while he was separated, but not divorced, from his current wife Samantha Burd Stodghill.
No word yet if Stodghill will be charged with bigamy, which carries the following punishment in California:
Bigamy is punishable by a fine not exceeding ten thousand
dollars ($10,000) or by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding
one year or in the state prison. (from here)
In Pennsylvania, bigamy is a Class 2 Misdemeanor.

The Los Angeles County Prison website lists Stodghill's next court appearance for February 24th at 8:30am.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Fugitive" David Stodghill in custody in Los Angeles


David Stodghill was captured in the Los Angeles area Monday night, the Shippensburg Sentinel is reporting. (*UPDATE: the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is listed on an LA County Sherriff's Department website as the arresting agency.)

The charges (from yesterday's Shippensburg Sentinel):
Sgt. Jonathan Mays of state police at Carlisle said the warrant was the response to criminal charges filed earlier in the day before Magisterial District Judge Harold Bender in Shippensburg. He is charged with indecent assault, aggravated indecent assault and corruption of minors.

According to the criminal complaint, Stodghill violated the 12-year-old at his room in a Shippensburg rooming house in June 2009.

According to the complaint, the girl told police and child authorities that Stodghill took her clothing and towel while she showered, then photographed her nude when she left the bathroom to retrieve her belongs.

Afterward, she told police Stodghill engaged in illegal physical contact with her.

On Friday night, Stodghill "was not located when Los Angeles police, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and federal marshals descended on a Caheunga Boulevard residence in the city."

UPDATE: The Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department website lists David Stodghill as being currently incarcerated at the Inmate Reception Center at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles. Below are some details from time of posting.

Arrest Date: 02/02/2010 Arrest Time: 0626 Arrest Agency: 9000 Agency Description: BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION & CUSTOMS ENF

Date Booked: 02/02/2010 Time Booked: 0702 Booking Location: IRC Location Description: IRC

Total Bail Amount: NO BAIL Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00 Grand Total: NO BAIL

Housing Location: IRC

Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 02/02/2010 Assigned Time: 1024 Visitor Status: N


Monday, February 1, 2010

David Stodghill charged with sexually assaulting a child

According to a criminal docket dated January 29th, 2010, David Manning Stodghill was charged with the following acts in Shippensburg, PA:

Aggravated Indecent Assault with a person under the age of 13, Indecent Assault with a person under the age of 13, and Corruption of Minors.

If convicted or he pleads guilty to either indecent assault charge, Stodghill would need to also register as a sex offender. (there is debate as to if Stodghill should already need to be registered as a sex offender based on previous convictions). The Aggravated Indecent Assault Charge would carry a five year minimum sentence.

Read the original docket here.

Summary explanation of charges (pulled from here):

...a person who engages in penetration, however slight, of the genitals or anus of a complainant with a part of the person's body for any purpose other than good faith medical, hygienic or law enforcement procedures commits aggravated indecent assault if... the complainant is less than 13 years of age.
18 § 3126 §§ A7 INDECENT ASSAULT
A person is guilty of indecent assault if the person has indecent contact with the complainant, causes the complainant to have indecent contact with the person or intentionally causes the complainant to come into contact with seminal fluid, urine or feces for the purpose of arousing sexual desire in the person or the complainant...
Whoever, being of the age of 18 years and upwards, by any act corrupts or tends to corrupt the morals of any minor less than 18 years of age, or who aids, abets, entices or encourages any such minor in the commission of any crime, or who knowingly assists or encourages such minor in violating his or her parole or any order of court, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.