Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A second appeal to Alon Finkelstein


I wanted to once more offer you the chance to explain your business association with David Stodghill and where it stands now. Anyone who Googles your name or aliases will probably come across this blog and the post on the Photo Business & News Forum.

If you are still willingly associating with Stodghill, then ignore this, but I believe that by now you have learned you need to be far away from him.

If Stodghill has threatened you in any way we can discuss this privately.

You owe to your photography career, yourself, and reputation to take some action in distancing yourself publicly from Stodghill. This is your chance.

Email me at davidstodghillrevealed@hotmail.com.

One more thing: A friend of Stodghill's emailed me to say the reason he believed David had died was because of a message left on Stodghill's Facebook page on November 3rd that said "RIP DMS," left by Alon. Again, I have long believed Stodghill hijacked Alon's Facebook, and a few people close to the Stodghill family have since told me that David is not dead.