Friday, June 19, 2009

Stodghill makes the news!!!! Shippensburg police chief calls "Fire Safety Movie" a scam

From today's The Sentinel:

Shippensburg police say film project bogus

Shippensburg police are warning residents to steer clear of a bogus filmmaker who claims to be making a fire-safety movie.

Police Chief Fred Scott says the man, identified as David Stodghill, is pitching plans to make a movie in downtown Shippensburg using local fire apparatus and Hollywood celebrities. He says King Street would be closed and a vacant college fraternity house burned.

Stodghill, 36, used the name Randy Thomas in his pitch and even informed Scott of the plan.

Scott say Stodghill is from the Carlisle-Newville area and recently returned from North Carolina to take up residence in Shippensburg,

Scott says dealing with Stodghill is risky business, especially if there are children involved.

“He has a lengthy criminal record and is a habitual liar, according to information I’ve collected from other police departments,” Scott says. “Have no contact with him in any way, shape of form.”


Stodghill’s past is another story. Cumberland County and state police records show Stodghill has served several prison terms in the past — one for concealing the whereabouts of a child.

Cumberland County records indicate Stodghill has been imprisoned there six times since 1995 — twice on charges of indecent assault and on other occasions on charges of intimidating a victim, aggravated assault of corruption of a minor, receiving stolen property and criminal trespass.

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