Monday, February 2, 2009

Stodghill "casting" underage girls for "Fire Safety Movie" and "Lexi's Playhouse"

Remember, Dave Stodghill was convicted for kidnapping and sexual assault on a minor, and is spending a lot of time following and pretending to be child actress Julianna Rose Mauriello.
He has set up a YouTube page and a MySpace profile and an "official website" for a "Fire Safety Movie." He has numerous underage girls as friends on those pages. And he has been posting notices around the web casting for a young, female host (aged 7 - 13). A few months before he was posting similar ads for a show he called "Lexi's Playhouse." In both cases Stodghill makes outlandish claims about the projects. For "Lexi's Playhouse" some ads said he had a deal with PBS to distribute the show and:
So far on the team we have a composer from disney, a storyboard artist from DC Comics, a flash designer from Nickelodeon and a film crew of 17 from TLC.
For "Fire Safety Movie" ads say he's working with the US Department of Education and that stars like Natalie Portman and Hilary Duff. Stodghill also has a photo up of him with Miley Cyrus that he spread around saying was from her shooting a cameo... on other forums he wrote they were having dinner to discuss the project. Believable? Stodghill also claims he used to date Natalie Portman. A few messages warn others about Stodghills ads. Here's one from the East Coast Actor's forum about "Lexi's Playhouse":
Found at NYcastings and various other websites such as craigslist etc.
Educational children's show looking for girls. Do not submit. Email address may
read may go by the name Dave Manning or David
Stodghill, Manning Casting . NOT legit.

Another from the same forum from a member with hundreds of posts:
Some moms I know of already had a run in with this guy. Run very far away. This
is not a good one at all.

They add that he's posing a casting director named David Manning (his full name is David Manning Stodghill).

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