Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An open letter to Alon Finkelstein


I've been trying to reach you through friends of yours and other online means to warn you about David Stodghill. Either Stodghill has hijacked your email ( and andMySpace account, or you have and continue to commit fraud within the New York photography scene.

The very respected Photo Business News & Forum has already devoted an entire entry to two of these acts of fraud, mentioning both you and Stodghill by name. But I believe they have it wrong and that your name is being dragged through the mud unwittingly by Stodghill, a man with no credibility with a past that is full of lies and has been known to hack into email accounts.

Nobody has been able to confirm that you have personally received any of these messages. But I have received replies from the same emails that I believe were hacked. Here are two of the messages I received after I contacted Jo Lance about this situation:
Nice try dumbass but my friends know me and Dave.Your so tough your anon because you know Dave would kick your ass. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
Some reason your so scared to talk to me? Unfortuneatley for you, my friends know me so good luck with the whole emailing people thing. Personaly, I find you amusing, as well as your website. I have climbed into a high enough position with enough celebrities that pissing on losers telling them bs does not affect me. Good luck.Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
I also sent a message to your Facebook account. I received a couple responses signed "Alon" but were from another Facebook account using the name Harris Pilton, like this one:
so why won't you talk to me oh thats right because you an ANON little pussy why do you be a real man and talk to me like you should so we can clear up this shit have a nice fucking day,Alon
I was told that David has been using one of your phones which may be why some friends haven't been able to reach you by voice. I believe that this may be a phone with the number of 973-525-8012.

Alon, if you're still working with David Stodghill please let me know whats up with your stealing photos to sell your own photo services as outline in the Photo Business News & Forum. And if you're not, please clarify whats going on here by emailing me at

NOTE: Since posting this, the temporary Facebook account I set up was deleted. Best way to reach me is thru email.

Since there are a few Alon Finkelstein's to clarify this message is regarding the Alon Finkelstein, 21, of Rockaway, NJ, who attended NYU Poly.

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