Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who is David Stodghill?

From the internet:
David Stodghill has made a living from defrauding webmasters for years now, under a number of aliases.
On GFY, one of the world's largest webmaster discussion boards, dozens of webmasters have come forth to share their experiences with this professional con artist. Many of his scams involve website content and hosting. One content company sued David for over two million dollars. It's not just webmasters he is targeting either.
In recent years, David has been concentrating his efforts into profiting from the exploitation of the misfortune and suffering of others, namely Jessica Marie Lunsford and Terri Schiavo.
We all remember Jessica Marie Lunsford, that 9-year-old Florida girl that was kidnapped, raped and killed by that registered sex offender and Terri Schiavo, the brain damaged Florida woman that was at the center of a bitter moral and legal tug of war and she wound up dying after her feeding tube was removed. Both of these stories captivated the nation's hearts and minds. They also caught the attention of David Stodghill. Where others just saw pain and suffering, he saw opportunity. On David Stodghill's old design page he actually took credit for Jessica Lunsford and Terri Schiavo being 'clients' of his!
Back in 1995, Dave Stodghill was charged with no less than seven different crimes between April and November. His incarceration as a result of these charges extended through April of the following year. While Dave Stodghill will often hint at charges against him for "intimidating a witness", its no surprise that he doesn't boast about the numerous other crimes he was accused of and/or ended up serving time for.
"Intimidation of witness" was charged along with "Harassment/Stalking By Comm/Add Other Manners" on May 1, 1995. This came just a few days after Stodghill was first charged with the unusual crime of "Allowing a Child to Illegally Operate a Bicycle". All three charges were tried together, and resulted in Stodghill pleading guilty to what appears to be the lesser crime of "Defiant Trespass", and was ordered to 90 days unsupervised probation.
A few days after Stodghill plead guilty to the above, September 12, 1995, the Carlisle Police Department arrested Stodghill on a number of sex offenses; Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault Without Consent, and Corruption Of Minors. On October 17, Stodghill plead guilty to Indecent Assault Without Consent, while the other charges were dismissed.
As if becoming a sex offender wasn't enough, Stodghill was apparently arrested AGAIN on November 12 for "Buying and/or Receiving Stolen Property". At sentencing for the sex crimes on December 12, Stodghill is ordered to serve 5 to 23 months incarcerated at Cumberland County Prison... with credit for 21 days already served.
While in prison, Stodghill was able to, once again, plead guilty - for the previously mentioned "stolen property" charges - and is able to serve the sentenced 2 - 23 months concurrently with his current prison time. Apparently, Stodghill was able to serve the bare minimum of hard time, and is released in early April 1996.
Stodghill was officially labeled a parolee for the remainder of his term... and also underwent counseling for the charge of indecent assault without consent.
Not surprisingly, this isn't the last of Stodghill's legal problems or a concern of the Carlisle Police Department, in Pennsylvania. -From the Internet

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