Saturday, January 31, 2009

David Stodghill's stealing photos

Lots of catching up to do but I hope using this blog will make the site easier to update. First up:
The Photo Business News & Forum posted a long entry last month about David Stodghill posing as a food photographer and show how a lot of the photos he claims are his were stolen from other sites. Stodghill's site is, but the blog entry can be found here:
Apparently Stodghill is partnering with a young New Jersey based photographer named Alon Fink, aka Alon Finklestein, aka Noah Fink. I sent a message to a MySpace account under Alon's name to see if he was aware of this and other details about Stodghill, and the reply was nasty, saying they were shooting something at Trump Towers, and signed by BOTH Alon and Stodghill. Someone suggested in an email to me that Stodghill could have taken over Alon's email and MySpace accounts.
On ModelMayhem, photographer Jonathan Conklin with the site (nyc instead of ny) said:
So I got an e-mail from this guy at calming
this "wow. So we now own We've only gotten
about 15 jobs or so from it. Sorry we removed you from hot frog, its where
we are getting all of our business." I own a site called NYC food . He has had me removed from the site and I don't
really know why. So after doing some searches I found out his e-mail belongs to
a guy named David Stodghill and this is what I
found on him

More on "firesafetymovie" later. Here's the whole post:

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