Monday, November 30, 2009

David Stodghill is not dead

According to an anonymous email, some people have been told David Stodghill had died. This is not true, at least for the David Stodghill reported about on this site. David Manning Stodghill is still alive.

If anyone has information as to where this rumor originated, or where they heard it from, please email

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wanted: David Stodghill

Was just informed that David Stodghill is now wanted by Pennsylvania State Police for at least one outstanding warrant after a few run ins with the law.

The charges are for harrasment and for possession of marijuana, both from seperate incidents that happened in late June or early July.


Marijuana possession:

If you see David Stodghill or know his current location contact Pennsylvania State Police in Carlisle: (717)249-2121

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More on Stodghill in Shippensburg

Just to repeat what Shippensburg Police Chief Fred Scott said about David Stodghill to the Sentinel:
Scott says dealing with Stodghill is risky business, especially if there are children involved.

“He has a lengthy criminal record and is a habitual liar, according to information I’ve collected from other police departments,” Scott says. “Have no contact with him in any way, shape of form.”
More info sent in from a reader:

This is the same photo of David Stodghill that appeared in the Sentinel with Alon Finkelstein in the passenger seat.

This is his car:

The vehicle he was driving on Tuesday June 16, 2009 was the light brown/tan DODGE DYNASTY 4 DOOR sedan (car) with the expired registration plate of December 2008.
Pennsylvania Plate Number EHA-5237

He is residing at The Market Cross Pub in their $100 a week rooms above the Market Cross Pub.

I was also told that after the Sentinel article was printed he barged into their offices accusing them of lying about him.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stodghill makes the news!!!! Shippensburg police chief calls "Fire Safety Movie" a scam

From today's The Sentinel:

Shippensburg police say film project bogus

Shippensburg police are warning residents to steer clear of a bogus filmmaker who claims to be making a fire-safety movie.

Police Chief Fred Scott says the man, identified as David Stodghill, is pitching plans to make a movie in downtown Shippensburg using local fire apparatus and Hollywood celebrities. He says King Street would be closed and a vacant college fraternity house burned.

Stodghill, 36, used the name Randy Thomas in his pitch and even informed Scott of the plan.

Scott say Stodghill is from the Carlisle-Newville area and recently returned from North Carolina to take up residence in Shippensburg,

Scott says dealing with Stodghill is risky business, especially if there are children involved.

“He has a lengthy criminal record and is a habitual liar, according to information I’ve collected from other police departments,” Scott says. “Have no contact with him in any way, shape of form.”


Stodghill’s past is another story. Cumberland County and state police records show Stodghill has served several prison terms in the past — one for concealing the whereabouts of a child.

Cumberland County records indicate Stodghill has been imprisoned there six times since 1995 — twice on charges of indecent assault and on other occasions on charges of intimidating a victim, aggravated assault of corruption of a minor, receiving stolen property and criminal trespass.

Full article.

David Stodghill in Shippensburg, PA

From the comment submission form signed "Donovan25":
June 17, 2009.
This guy is in Shippensburg Pa doing this Fire Safety Movie bullshit and trying to hype up the town. He needs to leave town.
He is with the Red Haired guy on his myspace page and driving a brown Dodge dynasty PA Plates, which is out of inspection as of 12/08.
David Stodghill or Randy Thomas...this guy has trouble written ALL OVER HIS PERSONA..
If anyone has more information on this please email me at or leave a message in the comments.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

David Stodghill photos.

Sorry about the site disappearing for a little more than a day. I had to remove the large photo of David Stodghill - if you still need to identify him, you can still see the pic at his MySpace profile at, or of him with Hilary Duff here: (earlier mention of his supposed "Fire Safety Movie").

Saturday, March 7, 2009

David Stodghill's YouTube accounts suspended

Two of David Stodghill's YouTube accounts were suspended today.
The account BroadwayBaby1991, used to impersonate Julianna Rose Mauriello, had been harrassing other Julianna fans (and other Julianna impersonators) and having videos removed from their sites claiming Julianna Rose Mauriello had a copyright claim to them.
What is surprising is that Stodhill's CineGroupEast account was also suspended in the same day. I suspect either YouTube know both accounts were from the same person, or CineGroupEast was leaving comments or sending messages that violated YouTube TOS.
His FireSafetyMovie account is still up.
I have a larger update I'm sitting on and not sure what to do with. I have solid information proving that Stodghill is stalking Julianna Rose Mauriello, but know that if I reveal it her he may be able to delete it. Some people who have contacted me already have this info. For everyone else, email me or leave a comment with your email if you need to know.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An open letter to Alon Finkelstein


I've been trying to reach you through friends of yours and other online means to warn you about David Stodghill. Either Stodghill has hijacked your email ( and andMySpace account, or you have and continue to commit fraud within the New York photography scene.

The very respected Photo Business News & Forum has already devoted an entire entry to two of these acts of fraud, mentioning both you and Stodghill by name. But I believe they have it wrong and that your name is being dragged through the mud unwittingly by Stodghill, a man with no credibility with a past that is full of lies and has been known to hack into email accounts.

Nobody has been able to confirm that you have personally received any of these messages. But I have received replies from the same emails that I believe were hacked. Here are two of the messages I received after I contacted Jo Lance about this situation:
Nice try dumbass but my friends know me and Dave.Your so tough your anon because you know Dave would kick your ass. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
Some reason your so scared to talk to me? Unfortuneatley for you, my friends know me so good luck with the whole emailing people thing. Personaly, I find you amusing, as well as your website. I have climbed into a high enough position with enough celebrities that pissing on losers telling them bs does not affect me. Good luck.Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
I also sent a message to your Facebook account. I received a couple responses signed "Alon" but were from another Facebook account using the name Harris Pilton, like this one:
so why won't you talk to me oh thats right because you an ANON little pussy why do you be a real man and talk to me like you should so we can clear up this shit have a nice fucking day,Alon
I was told that David has been using one of your phones which may be why some friends haven't been able to reach you by voice. I believe that this may be a phone with the number of 973-525-8012.

Alon, if you're still working with David Stodghill please let me know whats up with your stealing photos to sell your own photo services as outline in the Photo Business News & Forum. And if you're not, please clarify whats going on here by emailing me at

NOTE: Since posting this, the temporary Facebook account I set up was deleted. Best way to reach me is thru email.

Since there are a few Alon Finkelstein's to clarify this message is regarding the Alon Finkelstein, 21, of Rockaway, NJ, who attended NYU Poly.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stodghill "casting" underage girls for "Fire Safety Movie" and "Lexi's Playhouse"

Remember, Dave Stodghill was convicted for kidnapping and sexual assault on a minor, and is spending a lot of time following and pretending to be child actress Julianna Rose Mauriello.
He has set up a YouTube page and a MySpace profile and an "official website" for a "Fire Safety Movie." He has numerous underage girls as friends on those pages. And he has been posting notices around the web casting for a young, female host (aged 7 - 13). A few months before he was posting similar ads for a show he called "Lexi's Playhouse." In both cases Stodghill makes outlandish claims about the projects. For "Lexi's Playhouse" some ads said he had a deal with PBS to distribute the show and:
So far on the team we have a composer from disney, a storyboard artist from DC Comics, a flash designer from Nickelodeon and a film crew of 17 from TLC.
For "Fire Safety Movie" ads say he's working with the US Department of Education and that stars like Natalie Portman and Hilary Duff. Stodghill also has a photo up of him with Miley Cyrus that he spread around saying was from her shooting a cameo... on other forums he wrote they were having dinner to discuss the project. Believable? Stodghill also claims he used to date Natalie Portman. A few messages warn others about Stodghills ads. Here's one from the East Coast Actor's forum about "Lexi's Playhouse":
Found at NYcastings and various other websites such as craigslist etc.
Educational children's show looking for girls. Do not submit. Email address may
read may go by the name Dave Manning or David
Stodghill, Manning Casting . NOT legit.

Another from the same forum from a member with hundreds of posts:
Some moms I know of already had a run in with this guy. Run very far away. This
is not a good one at all.

They add that he's posing a casting director named David Manning (his full name is David Manning Stodghill).

Saturday, January 31, 2009

David Stodghill's stealing photos

Lots of catching up to do but I hope using this blog will make the site easier to update. First up:
The Photo Business News & Forum posted a long entry last month about David Stodghill posing as a food photographer and show how a lot of the photos he claims are his were stolen from other sites. Stodghill's site is, but the blog entry can be found here:
Apparently Stodghill is partnering with a young New Jersey based photographer named Alon Fink, aka Alon Finklestein, aka Noah Fink. I sent a message to a MySpace account under Alon's name to see if he was aware of this and other details about Stodghill, and the reply was nasty, saying they were shooting something at Trump Towers, and signed by BOTH Alon and Stodghill. Someone suggested in an email to me that Stodghill could have taken over Alon's email and MySpace accounts.
On ModelMayhem, photographer Jonathan Conklin with the site (nyc instead of ny) said:
So I got an e-mail from this guy at calming
this "wow. So we now own We've only gotten
about 15 jobs or so from it. Sorry we removed you from hot frog, its where
we are getting all of our business." I own a site called NYC food . He has had me removed from the site and I don't
really know why. So after doing some searches I found out his e-mail belongs to
a guy named David Stodghill and this is what I
found on him

More on "firesafetymovie" later. Here's the whole post:

Who is David Stodghill?

From the internet:
David Stodghill has made a living from defrauding webmasters for years now, under a number of aliases.
On GFY, one of the world's largest webmaster discussion boards, dozens of webmasters have come forth to share their experiences with this professional con artist. Many of his scams involve website content and hosting. One content company sued David for over two million dollars. It's not just webmasters he is targeting either.
In recent years, David has been concentrating his efforts into profiting from the exploitation of the misfortune and suffering of others, namely Jessica Marie Lunsford and Terri Schiavo.
We all remember Jessica Marie Lunsford, that 9-year-old Florida girl that was kidnapped, raped and killed by that registered sex offender and Terri Schiavo, the brain damaged Florida woman that was at the center of a bitter moral and legal tug of war and she wound up dying after her feeding tube was removed. Both of these stories captivated the nation's hearts and minds. They also caught the attention of David Stodghill. Where others just saw pain and suffering, he saw opportunity. On David Stodghill's old design page he actually took credit for Jessica Lunsford and Terri Schiavo being 'clients' of his!
Back in 1995, Dave Stodghill was charged with no less than seven different crimes between April and November. His incarceration as a result of these charges extended through April of the following year. While Dave Stodghill will often hint at charges against him for "intimidating a witness", its no surprise that he doesn't boast about the numerous other crimes he was accused of and/or ended up serving time for.
"Intimidation of witness" was charged along with "Harassment/Stalking By Comm/Add Other Manners" on May 1, 1995. This came just a few days after Stodghill was first charged with the unusual crime of "Allowing a Child to Illegally Operate a Bicycle". All three charges were tried together, and resulted in Stodghill pleading guilty to what appears to be the lesser crime of "Defiant Trespass", and was ordered to 90 days unsupervised probation.
A few days after Stodghill plead guilty to the above, September 12, 1995, the Carlisle Police Department arrested Stodghill on a number of sex offenses; Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault Without Consent, and Corruption Of Minors. On October 17, Stodghill plead guilty to Indecent Assault Without Consent, while the other charges were dismissed.
As if becoming a sex offender wasn't enough, Stodghill was apparently arrested AGAIN on November 12 for "Buying and/or Receiving Stolen Property". At sentencing for the sex crimes on December 12, Stodghill is ordered to serve 5 to 23 months incarcerated at Cumberland County Prison... with credit for 21 days already served.
While in prison, Stodghill was able to, once again, plead guilty - for the previously mentioned "stolen property" charges - and is able to serve the sentenced 2 - 23 months concurrently with his current prison time. Apparently, Stodghill was able to serve the bare minimum of hard time, and is released in early April 1996.
Stodghill was officially labeled a parolee for the remainder of his term... and also underwent counseling for the charge of indecent assault without consent.
Not surprisingly, this isn't the last of Stodghill's legal problems or a concern of the Carlisle Police Department, in Pennsylvania. -From the Internet

David Stodghill's known aliases and emails

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VideoVoyeur, Brian Hicks, ContentGod, OAEN, Crypto, Hippidy, Lovematch, Virgins R Us, Megabondage, Disco_Stu, Adult Content Solutions, TheAdultBrowser, IRA_Webmaster, PKP, MGibson, Jennings, BJennings, Hoopdy, Sascha, Dave Stodge, Randy Thomas

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