Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stodghill sells Marine amateur wedding photos and has heart attack

From email: "A few months ago Stodghill returned to Carlisle after his wife left him. Stodghill tried to pass himself as a wedding photographer and cameraman, advertising has over 15 years experience on Craigslist. At least one couple hired him, but they were very upset with unprofessional results. When the couple called to complain, Stodghill gave them the runaround, then stopped answering calls. To make matters worse, the groom was a Sargeant Marine who served in Iraq. But Stodghill wasnt answering some of these calls for a reason - he had a heart attack and was in a local hospital for the recovery of a week. As a double dose of karma, still in hospital Carlisle police paid a visit, demanding Stodghill care for an outstanding warrant. Stodghill paid the fine, and disappeared from the Carlisle area."

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