Monday, August 25, 2008

Stodghill arrest record for kidnapping and indecent assault with a minor.

From email: "I read about Stodghill stalking an underage actress, and thought I should add that 1995 wasn't his only arrest related to minors. In 1991 he was arrested for "concealing the whereabouts of a minor" which is a nice way of saying kidnapping. Attached is his arrest record that points this out and also includes his 1995 arrest. If you add this to the site call me Harry in Harrisburg."

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stodghill sells Marine amateur wedding photos and has heart attack

From email: "A few months ago Stodghill returned to Carlisle after his wife left him. Stodghill tried to pass himself as a wedding photographer and cameraman, advertising has over 15 years experience on Craigslist. At least one couple hired him, but they were very upset with unprofessional results. When the couple called to complain, Stodghill gave them the runaround, then stopped answering calls. To make matters worse, the groom was a Sargeant Marine who served in Iraq. But Stodghill wasnt answering some of these calls for a reason - he had a heart attack and was in a local hospital for the recovery of a week. As a double dose of karma, still in hospital Carlisle police paid a visit, demanding Stodghill care for an outstanding warrant. Stodghill paid the fine, and disappeared from the Carlisle area."

Stodghill stalking Lazytown child actress Julianna Rose Mauriello online and off

From email: "I have noticed that your page does not mention his attack's on Julianna Rose Mauriello, and his actual stalking, and photographing her in New York. Also, it does not mention about him ever posing as Julianna on the net, opening a fake Myspace account as her, and even hacking her actual Face Book, and her brother's Face Book, Myspace, and MSN account's. I have spoke to her brother on many occasion's, and can tell you for a fact that this is ALL 100% true. Please check some past IMDB coversation's involving "Hoopdy", and Itzmauriello on Julianna Rose Mauriello's page to see what I am speaking of. Please add this important information to your page. Stodghill is also the person who made many people believe that Julianna was gay, and with former actress Amanda Burwasser awhile back as Sascha on Don't Link This."

UPDATE (2/03/09): Note that is not me OR Julianna Rose Mauriello. is also not Julianna Rose Mauriello and may be David Stodghill. If ANY YouTube or MySpace account is messaging you and says they are Julianna and asks for ANY private info please make a copy of the info and contact your local police!